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Certificate of Interment Rights

When purchasing a plot a person becomes owner of interment rights and receives a certificate stating the name of the rights owner and the location of which the right of interment has been purchased.

The interment rights for a grave, plot, or other type of entombment, give the rights owner the right to say who can be buried in the grave, plot or other type of entombment. Interment rights also include the right to set a marker/headstone and direct inscriptions. If there is more than one rights owner, then ideally all parties must give their consent before any interments take place or a marker set. The granting of interment rights to a grave does not actually mean you own the land itself but that you have the right to direct burials and markers in the assigned site, subject to the cemetery bylaws and government regulations. The land remains the property of the Chowchilla Cemetery District and the interment rights cannot be transferred to another owner without permission.