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Rules & Regulations

The following is NOT allowed:

  • Crosses are no exception; they cannot have wire or metal.
  • Wreaths are ONLY allowed during interments, holidays, & memorial days.
  • Statues or any other upright decorations except flowers, are not allowed without prior approval from cemetery manager.
  • Any item in the vase must stand less than 15 inches tall above the marker.
  • Toys, gravel or rocks of any kind including the decorative kind.
  • Cans, lit candles, solar lights, flags, wind chimes, pinwheels, balloons, keepsakes, boxes or any decorations taller than one half inch (1/2") are allowed to be placed on or around the marker.
  • Bottles or anything made of glass, curbing, potted plants, fencing, hedging, grave mounds, border or enclosures allowed.
  • Decorations of any type are premitted in trees or cemetery plantings.
  • Items not to be poured in vases includes, but not limited to; glass, sand, gravel, shells, rocks, cement, metal, casting plaster or paint.
  • Glass, Metal & Wire of any kind is prohibited.
  • All flowers, artifical or fresh, must be placed in the vases & stand less than 15 inches tall. ONLY the vases purchased from the Chowchilla Cemetery District are allowed within the cemetery.
  • No flowers are allowed to lay across the grave site or placed in dirt around the outside of the marker.
  • Attaching an object to a marker or bench with glue, cement or any other means is prohibited without prior authorization from the cemetery, for example, after receiving an approval of a type of plaque for memorials or veteran's, the approved size is as follows; less than 12 1/2 inch thick, no more than 24 inches wide, & the same depth or less than the cement edge.
  • Every reasonable effort will be made to care for flowers & decorations but neither the cemetery district nor employees will be responsible for any that may be lost, stolen, or misplaced.
  • The cemetery reserves the right to remove all flowers, wreaths & other decorations from burial sites as soon as they become unsightly, particularly during mowing season.
  • During the winter months of November thru Feburary, mowing will be done only when needed, so items may be allowed on the burial site longer than other months.
  • Regularly scheduled mowing begins March 1st thru November 1st, On Thursday & Friday each week. Times may vary due to scheduled burials.
  • In order for families to save any decorations they have placed on a grave, the decorations should be removed prior to March 1st.