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Health & Safety Codes

California Health & Safety Codes

9069.20.(a) An interment right provides a transferable property interest to the person listed as the owner in the records of the cemetery district, subject to any written designation to the contrary signed by the owner and deposited with the cemetery district, or the owner's successor pursuant to either this section or subdivision (a) of section 9369.25.

An interment right shall not be constructed as conferring title of the property burdened by the transferable property interest.

(b) The owner of record of an interment right may designate in writing the person or persons, other than the owner of the record, who may be interred in the plot to which the owner holds the interment right.

(c) The owner of an interment right shall, at the time of purchase, designate a successor owner or owners of the interment right in a signed written designation deposited with the cemetery district.

Chowchilla Cemetery allows the following interments per plot;

  • 1 casket and up to 2 cremations
  • 2 caskets and 1 cremation
  • up to 6 cremations

Only the owner of the interment rights can give permission for additional interments in their plots.